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August 28, 2012


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penny warner

I LOVE the cover Gigi! I want to you design MY next cover! And I loved the book as well. Jaya is such an appealing character and the story got me hooked right off the bat. Congratulations!


Gigi, kudos to you for the cover design! It fits in perfectly with the genre and, along with the other three cozies you have pictured above (all of which I've read and loved), I would immediately gravitate towards it. I can't wait to read it and get a signed copy!

Gigi Pandian

Penny -- Your books have the best covers already! I used them as inspiration when I was creating mine.

Thanks, Dana! Yup, aren't those books on the shelf great? So many good books... I wish there were more hours in the day ;)


I love your cover, Gigi. I, too, think covers are importnat, but I'm a very visual person. Great job!


Great cover, Gigi! It definitely grabbed my attention and makes me want to read the book. Congratulations on its release!

Susan Shea

It's a wonderful cover and I think the fact that the author designed it gives it a special character - it's a little more specific and personable than many such cozy covers, imho. Can't wait to buy it, get it signed, and read it! Congratulations and thanks for providing a most interesting guest blog today!

Diana Chambers

A thoughtful piece, Gigi. Having already seen the cover, I looked a little more closely and could appreciate even more your details and subtle "messages." Great work. Can't wait to read it:-)

Margaret Lucke

Congratulations, Gigi, on reaching your official book launch date! That's a great milestone. And thank you for your thoughtful analysis of cover design. You did an excellent job with yours.

Gigi Pandian

Thanks Larissa, Staci, Diana, and Margaret! Can you guess that my favorite class in design school was Book Cover Design? They asked to use one of my covers in the educational catalog :)

And thanks again for inviting me, Susan. It was a lot of fun to be here today.

Robin Burcell

Your graphic design roots show, Gigi, but in a good way! It's rare to see a cover self-designed by an author that looks like it just debuted from a major New York house's design team. ARTIFACT is one of those rarities. Kudos to you, and can't wait to get it to show it to my daughters. The oldest will undoubtedly want to read it (she has read the three on your bookshelf photo, BTW), and the middle daughter, who is not a big reader, alas, wants to be a graphic designer. What a great example to show her what she can do with her artistic talents!

Nancy Adams

Congratulations, Gigi! It was such a privilege to read ARTIFACT before its publication, and the cover design does a great job of conveying the book's tone. Book covers are a fascinating topic.

Best wishes for your success!

Gigi Pandian

Robin -- Thanks so much! I absolutely love my day job as a designer, so I think your middle daughter is on a great career path if she decides to pursue it. And it might just turn her on to reading yet! Being around other creative types will turn her on to the types of books she might like without her feeling like she's supposed to be reading something ;)

Thanks, Nancy!


Wow... GREAT cover, Gigi! Now I need to go and buy your book! Congratulations on the release! :-)


So thrilled about your new book, Gigi! Congratulation. Many more books are in your future! As for covers, I agree they must relate to readership. My favorite example of bad covers was a fairly recent bio of Cleopatra. Cover featured back of woman's neck with emphasis on jewellry. Style of hair/dress vague, maybe sort of Napoleon era? I assumed this was historical romance and passed by until I read a review and found it was intended as a serious bio. Not that I want stuffy but this screamed anything but what a bio fan would read.

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