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August 23, 2012


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Ann, for a second, I thought you snuck in my house to take those pictures. We have all those gadgets, too! The virtual world certainly has a big place in our lives, but I'd like to think we have found a good balance with reality as well.


Hi Staci!
Would love to know how you strike that balance. Maybe you can offer some tips on moving between the worlds. (Beam me up, Scotty!)

Camille Minichino

Nothing "unreal" about the devices that bring you virtual reading, music, entertainment, learning.

I don't try to balance driving my car with riding a horse to the market, either!


Good point, Camille! It just seems a little... silent these days. Maybe I just need to crank my music up louder to drown out the quietude! ;-)

Cristina Flores

I've actually taken a step back from the techno-side of life. I have my computer which I love to death, but as for gaming and everything else I've downgraded big time. I've stopped playing the video games for awhile. I downgraded my cellphone so I wouldn't be so attached. I think it's great that some of the technologies we have allow us to do so many things that were impossible years ago, but there are just some traditional methods I'm not willing to give up. I still cannot fathom reading a book electronically, or drawing that way for that matter. There are just somethings that are worth the hunt for in the traditional sense, at least for me anyway. I think we have that many gadget's and perhaps even more.


Good for you, Cristina! A little break is a good thing, I think. :-) Hope you are enjoying the "real world" and maybe getting back into art, etc.

Michael A. Black

Your work station looks so organized and neat. YOu make me feel like a packrat.


Loved the "click, click, click" part. So true. Still do not have a smartphone because of the battery issue but feel the magnetic pull as the new Apple products get closer to announcement... Loved this post, Ann! How things have changed...


Hi Michael! Actually, the full photo is not my workstation, but my daughter's. As for the partial photo with the speaker and monitor, well, it's carefully framed so you don't see all the stacks of stuff to the right, left, front and back! ;-)


Hi Priscilla,
Ah, you have an iPad, so I predict that you, too, will eventually be drawn irresistibly to owning an iPhone. Just a matter of time. ;-)

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