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August 29, 2012


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Covers definitely attract a reader's attention. I don't think I've ever bought a book strictly based on the cover, but a good cover will make me pick up a book to see what it's about.
Love the cover for your new Code Busters Club book!

penny warner

Staci - I LOVE the cover of your new book! Hope you don't mind me sharing it with the world...or at least the LadyKillers blog...

Carole Price

I've loved all your covers, Penny, particularly Dead Body Language above. And I do pick up a book by its cover/author. What happens after that depends on the subject.

Susan Shea

All this talk about covers reminds me SPINES are important too!

penny warner

Carole, good point. Your TWISTED VINES cover is one of the best!

penny warner

Susan, I would hate to have a spineless book... ;)


Love the variety of covers. I do wish we could see the Japanese and German covers for Dead Body Language... they sound very interesting! And what a pleasant surprise to see Mercury's Rise among your favorites, thank you, Penny! (I love the image too... so glad Poisoned Pen Press did as well.)
Interesting, Susan, spines often get lost in the discussion of covers, and they certainly shouldn't, as they are often all we see of a book on the bookstore shelves! Hmmm. I'm going to go peruse spines a bit now...

penny warner

Hi Ann, I tried to find the covers on Amazon but my German and Japanese skills aren't that great...

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