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September 17, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Uh oh, you said it all so well, Mary Anna -- write first, image later, but do pay attention to the icing -- and then there's Priscilla tomorrow, who's always on topic. All that's left for me is to go off topic on Wednesday.

Susan Shea

Yes, I agree the cake's the first thing. I see hundreds of writers are cons and I have to say most don't seem overly concerned with appearance and their fans love them all the same. But I worked in a high visibility job for (ahem) decades before this career, so I'm unable or unwilling to get too casual in front of people whose opinions and decisions matter to me. Can't wait to see what Camille does Wednesday!


Love the cake image! No wonder I gain weight when I write... Will try this excuse on my ever patient doctor... But you are right. Image is impoertant, whether it intrigues, repels, or draws.

Mary Anna Evans

Regarding the cake image...my daughter is a Le Cordon Bleu pastry chef. Oh, okay, I shall go ahead and brag and say that she is in possession of a medal for making all As at Le Cordon Bleu. When I go to her house, I might wake up to find a big bowl of chocolate ganache on the kitchen counter one day, then a big bowl of Italian buttercream icing the next day. The only reason I'm not as big as a barn is that I live in Florida and she lives in (sniff) Arizona. She herself weighs about 105. I guess calories don't seep in through the skin.

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