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October 29, 2012


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That lovely feeling of really READING a book, of reaching deep and finding all the things the author has done (deliberately or not) to move, persuade, frighten, or soothe us. Nothing is quite like that, eh?

A fellow weirdo!


Ha! I also read the bulletin boards, the walls of restroom stalls, etc. etc.
It's a lifelong compulsion, and I'm not stopping now!
How lovely it must be to take a literary criticism course. :-)

Mary Anna Evans

You'd love this course, Ann. Mysti described it well--"reaching deep and finding all the things has done (deliberately or not)."

It's like physics, only with words. :)


That class sounds fascinating! Jane Eyre and Frankenstein? What are you doing with that combo?

Mary Anna Evans

The class is called The Novel and Its Tradition, and the tradition being studied this semester is the Gothic novel. My reading list was The Castle of Otranto, The Monk, Frankenstein, Jane Eyre, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Rebecca. It's rather awesome.


Wow! Where are you studying this?
Geez, I'd love to sign up for a course like that. Shade of my days at UCB! :-}
Maybe that's why I liked both physics and "English Lit" ... I was using my analytical skills with both!

Mary Anna Evans

I'm taking it online through Northern Arizona University, which is also where I'm taking the into to literary criticism course. It's a rather cool setup. I think you can get an MA in English totally online, but I'm not sure about that, because I'm registered as a non-degree-seeking student. I'd like to start a PhD program in English next year, but I'm not the most plausible candidate, given that my degrees are in engineering. With these two graduate courses and a third one in creative nonfiction I took through NAU this summer, plus two undergrad literature courses I took through the University of Florida this spring, I'm doing a good bit to beef up my street cred as a literary scholar. I hope...

Karen Russell

I got sent every day to the second grade class for reading while in first grade. Talk about embarrassing. I was so glad when I moved to another school and they left me with the rest of the class, where I could be a secret weirdo. :P

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