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October 23, 2012


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Terry Shames

Somehow I had the idea that to make a mobile you just assembled some thingies and some wire, strung the thingies on the wire and hung it up. If things didn't balance the way you wanted them to, you just rearranged them.

Hmm, something like writing a book. Assemble some ideas, string them together and if they don't balance, rearrange them. Simple, right? Maybe not.

Susan Shea

Maybe not! The magic, in fiction as well as in mobile, is the balancing. You can rearrange (revise) as often if you like, but if it's not in balance, your book is no more graceful and full of motion than your mobile. Terry, thanks for pointing out the parallels!


I love this! Never thought about "where to start" with making a mobile... And I like Terry's comment pointing out the parallels with writing. Maybe it's rather like "life" as well... the ultimate balancing act! :-)

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