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October 30, 2012


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Camille Minichino

I knew you'd be generating a list to make me blush, and toss out everything in my fridge. Who else can make every period of history, every third-cousin-one-removed seem like a must read?

How true that there are gems of ideas and insight in whatever we read.


Since I write next to the fridge, Camille, I never toss because there is nothing left to eat there by grocery day... And, if I get up at midnight for a snack, the cats want one too. They and I are supposed to be on diets. They are succeeding...

Susan Shea

Priscilla, I share your enjoyment of Colin Cotterill's series, the first of which smacked me upside the head with its originality. I've never heard of Berkeley but will track the book down - sounds like fun. Like you, I can't stick to a complete diet of crime fiction, but need to touch reality with history, biography, or (in my case only) science-for-dummies.


After reading your post, Priscilla, I have lots to add to my TBR pile. I've never heard of Cotterill or Berkeley, but they sound right up my alley. I'll occasionally venture away from mysteries to read a biography or other non-fiction book, but I'm never gone for long.


I'm trying to catch up with some of the classics, Staci, so am currently reading "Enter a Murderer" by Ngaio Marsh. She was much into theater so her mystery involving a play is fun.

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