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November 14, 2012


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We should all have been so lucky! My high school art teacher was the best. My math teacher's wig would slip every time she bent over to open a desk drawer!

Camille Minichino

Poor lady! I can imagine how much "sympathy" she got!

No surprise that your art teacher was good -- so much of our future interests depends on those first teachers.

Susan Shea

The photo reminded me of the East High School I started in (it was replaced by a modern education factory) when I lived in Rochester. East High was about 45% Italian, 45% African American and 10% Other, a potent mix with great football (Italian) and basketball (Black) teams but not much else. I was a cheerleader (Other) and in the honor society (Very Other). Thanks for bringing back memories....

Camille Minichino

It was a beautiful building, Susan. It was replaced by something streamlined years ago.


Wow, we still got geometry in Nevada in the 1970s.

My mom had to argue with the school to get me into algebra in 7th grade. Still not sure what that was all about :)

Camille Minichino

Geometry is still a staple, Mysti, but no one spends a whole year on solid geometry any more, as far as I know; they might give it a week in the semester.


I belonged to the Uncools too, Camille.


Another Uncool over here! :-) I had a math teacher from Hell (speaking of Dante!), a physics teacher who was cool, funny, and trucked in a laser for us all to see (ooooooh, aaaaaaah! I still remember that bright red spot at the end of the long school hall), and some pretty good English Lit teachers. Oh! And a funny little public speaking teacher (can you believe I actually took public speaking in high school? Didn't cure me of my shyness one whit, but I had had high hopes.).
Enough of the good, the bad, and the ugly of those days.
Love the Revere HS building, Camille! I bet it had wood floors and wainscotting, yes?

Camille Minichino

It seems the Uncool group had some great talent -- Ann, Priscilla . . .

The old building had creaking wood floors in the classrooms, MARBLE hallways and stairs.

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