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November 23, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Some of favorite writers here, with the quirkiest of rituals -- no wonder I can't match them in style and quality!

I have none, unless chocolate at any hour counts.

Mysti Berry

Caffeine, and now that I have a lovely view, adjusting the venetian blinds, and then bingo, I'm off and running!

Oh, plus a stroll through Facebook. I'm trying to drop that one though! Too much time :)

rita lakin

Coffee and toast,while reading the newspaper. If Sunday, doing my acrostics, then catching up with news and mail on my computer. OK I admit it, playing a bit of solitaire.
Then I think of what else I can do to not get started. Dishes in the sink? Go for a walk, maybe. (haha)
But when the clock is at nine; enough stalling. Write.

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