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November 16, 2012


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Susan Russo Anderson

Interesting post, and it's making me think of my high school, the now-defunct Marywood School for Girls (do such schools still exist?). Interesting too, your comment about living in your own world, how that saves us all. I'm thinking of a comment by Françoise Dolto who used to remind her audience how glorious it is to be human: we are free because we can be anywhere in our head.

sharan newman

Glad to know I wasn't the only one. Thanks!

Dean James

Sounds like a perfect way to go through high school. Wish my four years had been more like that!


Reading and dreaming stories got me through the years before high school. I recommend both!


I'm with you all on this one. And I love the quote from Dolto ... it's soooo true! I'm going to print it out and tack it up on my office wall, for inspiration. :-)
P.S. Sharan: That B&W photo of you could've been me, except my hair was longer and I carried a full-sized binder around with me *everywhere* to write in.

sharan newman

I think my hair was in a braid. it was fairly long then. Dean, sweetie, I wish you could have gone to high school in Portland instead of Mississippi!

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