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November 27, 2012


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Camille Minichino

Even your OOPSes are erudite and interesting, Priscilla!

Here's one of mine: My character in an early book calls Cinco de Mayo Mexican Independence Day. A prof at a Mexican U. sent me the nastiest letter -"just like a gringo," etc.

I apologized profusely, of course, but, secretly, I thought -- why all the fuss then? Californians give it at least as much attention as the 4th of July. I repeated the story far and wide, thinking it was a common mistake. It turned out everyone knew better but me.


Not quite, Camille! Add a newbie gringo to your list...and thanks for educating me.

Susan Shea

Oe way to know you have serious fans is to be called on something. I have a hunch I make a few mistakes, although my books aren't historicals so there's less opportunity, but I have yet to receive a "Pardon me, but..." communication. I kind of envy you.


Susan, there is something about readers of historical fiction. I tend to be pretty reasonable (...about some things...) but I did actually say rather loudly "but that isn't true!" in a movie once. Utterly outraged by the whatever it was. Now there is the problem of those who live someplace finding street etc errors, but ...


You're so right, Priscilla, that everyone has oops moments, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. It sounds like you've had some interesting discussions with your readers!


Opps moments are part of any series. Sometimes it is fun to see how a writer covers them in subsequent books or gets out of them.


Yes, we all have our moments, seared into our brains forever. Such as putting a safety on a pocket revolver. I even *knew* better... but for a brief moment, forgot, and there it remains, for all to see.


Thank you, Ann, for mentioning that little issue we all experience of "I knew better but for a brief moment..." That is what usually gets us. Perfectly stated!

Michael A. Black

I guess it's like they say, to oops is human, to forgive divine. ;-)


Very good!

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