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November 15, 2012


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Susan Shea

I pick up Christmas presents when I find the perfect item, no matter what time of year. I don't go into department stores, much less big box stores, between Thanksgiving and Christmas - it's a turn off. I love shopping at museums, local boutique and specialty food stalls at the farmers markets. And I'm a sucker for a couple of catalogs, especially for inventive kids' presents (Met Museum) and gifts to others (Heifer).


I vote for no Christmas versions of candy like Snickers, Butterfingers or Nestle Crunch. Would love for the holidays to be less about junk food (except Peeps, of course, which one explodes in the microwave!) and more about visiting and sharing and taking a step off the achievement wheel for a bit.



Museum shops have some lovely gifts, Susan.
I wish I had that knack for shopping early. I'll occasionally see an item that I think someone will like and then tell myself to remember it for later. Of course I never remember. I have no idea why I don't buy the item right then and save myself some aggravation!


It seems like the cookie and candy companies trot out holiday versions for ever occasion now. There are red and green M&Ms for Christmas, pink, white, and red for Valentine's Day, and pastels for Easter. It's crazy!
I've never exploded a Peep in the microwave before. I'll have to try that. = )

Susan Shea

Staci - you might want to try the exploding Peeps trick in someone else's microwave!


I want one holiday at a time to savor. Besides, I have my holiday gift shopping done by summer anyway because I hate the crowds. Opps! Don't tell the retailers or we'll have Jingle Bell Rock played in the stores all year. Grump. Grump.


Ha! Good idea, Susan. I also need to make sure the kids aren't watching, or they might try to copy me!


Sadly, Priscilla, I think that's where we're heading. Pretty soon, July 5th will roll around and stores will rush to take down the Fourth of July decorations and throw up the Christmas trees.


Hiya Staci!
You and I must've hit Target on the same day. I couldn't believe it. I even asked a Target employee, piteously, where the Thanksgiving stuff was. She said there really wasn't any. "It's straight to Christmas," she said.
Egads! I fled as quickly as I could.
I'm with you. I'm not ready. Not a bit.
At least, I'm not quite as bad as my dad, who consistently made his first (and only) holiday dash to the stores on Christmas Eve...
That's cutting it a *little* too close for me!
Exploding peeps, eh?


I wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of shopping on Christmas Eve. I'd end up grabbing the first thing I saw, even if it was toothpaste, and throwing it in the cart. Everyone wants toothpaste for Christmas, right?


Well, there were years when we got some unusual gifts, thanks to Dad and his last-minute frantic forays through stores, as they were closing on Christmas Eve. Toothpaste and a new toothbrush wasn't unheard of!
I think it would give me a heart attack to do this. Thank goodness for the internet and gift cards for last minute shopping sprints!

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