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December 12, 2012


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Susan Shea

What I'm wondering is how you find time to write! When I get hooked on a Netflix series and watch an episode or two every night for awhile, I feel like my brain cells are dying off in large numbers. Clearly I don't know how to watch TV!

Camille Minichino

Susan, you have to convince yourself that TV is energizing your brain cells. (It helps if you don't know much biology.)

Susan Shea

Camille, Even without a bio degree, I'd need to see (or feel) some evidence to believe it.

Terry Shames

My internet was wonky yesterday so I'm going to reply to both you and Priscilla. Basketball. Won't miss the Warriors. What does that say politically?

My husband also records everything so we don't have to watch commercials--which means most shows are about half as long as if you were watching them on TV. But Camille I have to say we watch Castle--but only last thing at night when we are tired. Doesn't hold up to too much inspection, but at least it has some clever lines.

My new favorite is Nashville. I keep wondering how my life would have been different if I'd just gone ahead and given in to my country and western side and become a singer!

Camille Minichino

Do you sing, Terry? I love country. Somewhere in the house, the Oak Ridge Boys are singing "I Sure Do Like Those Christmas Cookies, Sugar."

Margaret Lucke

Great list, Camille! All of my favorites plus a few I haven't seen but will have to check out.

I'm envious of your being able to record 16 shows at once. I can record only two, and that's if I'm not trying to watch something at the same time.

rita lakin

Never mind your taste in shows. I don't watch any of yours. I'm addicted to 7 shows and they are all on Sunday night.
I need Dick to show me how I can watch them all. I have a system which includes tivo-ing (is that a word?)the 2 front runners, then catch a 3rd at midnight and then I have to catch up with the others during the week with either xfinity or On Demand. My life is a living hell. I no longer have time to write. Dick Rufer I need help!

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