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December 10, 2012


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Terry Shames

The book sounds intriguing. I enjoyed your informative look at what it took for you to write "out of your genre," and loved reading about how you develop even minor characters.

I was curious about how you proceeded with selling the book when your agent wasn't enthusiastic. Did you convince her? Did you sell it yourself? Pitch it to another agent?

Margaret Frazer

Hi, Terry. I never did convince my agent to try finding an editor interested in taking on the book. She never actually dropped it, just let it drift long enough that it was obvious she wasn't even going to try. Then I became ill and didn't pursue the matter with any other agent. In fact Circle of Witches would still be languishing on my computer if my e-editor/agent hadn't stepped in and prodded me (sometimes forcefully ) into a final rewrite so he could e-publish it for me. So, basically, the book is indeed self-published, rather by default as it happens. You can find a more detailed account of what went on and why I stopped trying to find an agent at http://patriciastoltey.blogspot.com/2012/12/cancer-vs-author-by-margaret-frazer.html.

Susan Shea

I hope the book is a smash success, in part so that it helps break down that shibboleth of assigned genres! Good interview, Priscilla.

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