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December 03, 2012


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Camille Minichino

I like your open-ended idea, Michael. Compiling a list, of whatever number, is so Final, and Limiting . . . I like to head my "favorites" lists as "at this moment" and leave lots of room for growth and editing.

Michael A. Black

Thanks, Camille. I guess we could insert the infinity symbol over the 3 in that favorite's list this time.


Michael, you brought back a wonderful memory when you mentioned marking pages in a book so you could look up the unknown words in the dictionary. I used to do the same thing, and it was a great way to learn new words.

Michael A. Black

Great minds think alike, Staci.


I don't get to answer talk about this in a blog, since I'm on a different week, but in thinking about it, I believe I would probably list three reference books, including The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. It lists "date of first use" for all the idiomatic expressions and phrases, and keeps me from having my characters talk "ahead of their time." :-)


I can't narrow them down either--but I'm going to read King of the Wind, can't believe I missed a horse book.

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