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January 04, 2013


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Margaret Lucke

I love this notion, Rita -- taking time to go through the box that holds important things in your life and deciding what to keep and what to toss. I tend to hang on to way too much, so a good sorting of my own box is probably in order. May your box for this year hold an abundance of wonderful things.

And who says solitaire shouldn't be a full-time occupation? ;-)

camille minichino

I hope you'll add only beautiful/fun/engaging things to your box this year, Rita. Please keep me in it!


I shall have to take a stroll through my mental/physical home and start tossing stuff that I keep stumbling over (none of the good stuff, just the negative not-so-helpful stuff). Thanks, Rita, for putting the start of the new year in perspective! :-)

Susan Shea

Interesting image, Rita, thanks. Some years, it's harder than others to see what's ahead, or to even know viscerally what's important to have in that box. But I'm going to take my own long walk on the beach and think about it, soon, after reading your post.

rita lakin

thanks to all for your lovely comments...everyone of you gets to stay in my happy box of thoughts


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