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January 12, 2013


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camille minichino

Great video (I had to play it full screen to see what happens at the end). Now I can imagine that you'll never crumple a piece of paper again!

Those floppies, though? I doubt they'll bloom again!


I know. What on earth do I do with those floppy disks? I can't bear to throw them away, but I'm not even sure what's on them anymore... Much less if the programs still exist to open the files! :-(

Susan Shea

You must have a very large house. Living in a small space makes the decisions to discard easier: Exactly where would I put this banker box full of 80s dance music tapes?


I have a horrible time throwing things away as well, Ann, although it's easier when I don't have a way to use the items. I've thrown out all my VHS tapes now that I no longer have a VCR. Same with the cassette tapes. I only miss them a little.


Hi Susan! Yes, we have a two-story suburban monster. I remember how "open" it looked when we first moved in. 18 years with four people and, well, packrats, all of us. It is not a pretty sight, particularly in the garage and in the closets!
I salute you living in a small space and making it work. Watching my mother go from "big house" to "large-ish apartment" to "small-ish aparment" to "assisted-living studio-type-room" and finally "nursing care" (with two shelves for keepsakes) was sobering and sad. I sure don't want to put my family through that whole process of whittling down and making guesses what goes and what stays. Guess I'd better get busy these next couple of decades!


Hi Staci! Unfortunately, we held on to both cassette tape player(s) and a VCR. Maybe it's time to say sayonara. Only there are some family videotapes from "way back when." I should get them converted (along with super8 film from my "original family"... at least, I think it's super8. Not entirely sure, but on little reels...)


I am grateful to my mother who never threw anything away. If she had, I wouldn't have some "fine stitchery" made by my aunt in the early 20th century or that photo album made by my great-grandfather, the bookbinder, in 1863. I

Michael A. Black

Neat little video. Take a look at the crumpled up piece of paper. At one point, before it morphs, there's a face on it.

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