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January 08, 2013


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camille minichino

That line about strong personalities at a gathering -- I have NO idea what you're talking about, Priscilla. That did NOT happen at every holiday, every funeral . . . never mind.

camille minichino

Sorry, I got distracted. Just meant to say, great post.


With two such strong personalities, I can definitely see the possibility of a book for each of them. They sound like two people worth getting to know!
And I agree that ideas should not be discarded. Even if something isn't a good fit in one book, it might work perfectly in the next.

Terry Shames

I had a situation over the weekend where I had to let my WIP sit because someone had intruded herself into the book and I had no idea what she was up to. Finally, yesterday I realized I didn't have time to work on that book right now, but that if I didn't solve the problem, I would probably never move forward on it. It would become the dreaded discard--after 20,000 words. Took a walk and said, now or never, sweetie, what is she doing in your book? Bam! My gleeful subconscious unfolded it for me and I ran home and jotted it down. Saved from the discard pile!


Thanks, Staci. Hugh and Juliana will pop up again because I find them intriguing. the joy of having minor-minor ongoing characters! Believe much in the sub-conscious, Terry. One of my best ideas arrived as I was falling asleep. Camille, I think we are related...

Susan Shea

I occasionally write scenes that just don't fit when the book is almost done. I know well the "kill your darlings" expression, but, gee, a whole scene, and a snappy one at that? I make myself feel better by saving them in a kind of storing up against hard times mindset, but I must confess I've not yet taken one out, shaken the dust off, and inserted it into another book!


I've occasionally stripped out "walk-in" characters from one book and plunked 'em down in the next. I've also taken beloved secondary characters and gently set them aside ("Sorry... you need to go take a nap. We'll try the next book!"). The muse knows best! ;-)


Love the idea of telling one to take a nap! The discussions with characters put aside can be interesting...


Just in case we think we alone are crazy to be talking to characters, I just remembered a wonderful play by Pirandello: Seven Characters in Search of an Author. We are not alone!

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