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January 10, 2013


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Mysti Berry

The only way I could start cutting my "darlings" was by creating a "scraps" file. To date I haven't gone back in to use one of them, but knowing it's there leaves me more free to do the cutting I know I must :)

Someone one encouraged me to think of my writing as a large bolt of cloth, not the finished dress. It's my raw material, not the finished product. That helps too ;)

Now I'm at an age where I might really *forget* forget a good idea ;)

Terry Shames

Staci, I wish I were as organized as you. I write down my ideas on little pieces of paper--and then find them long after I could have used them. Maybe that should be a belated New Year's resolution.

Okay, regarding the Twinkie, I had a real live experience like that. I knew someone (before I banished her from my life) who was always into new health food fads. She would come to my house for a meal and no matter what I had prepared, she would sweetly tell me that she was on a new cleansing diet and she couldn't eat whatever I had cooked. Drove me crazy. Then, one day I rounded the corner to find her happily licking a double-decker ice cream cone. Oh, ha-ha, you caught me, she said. I never again worried about what to serve--and oddly enough, she always gobbled everything I made after that.


Mysti, I like that dress analogy. That's a good thing to keep in mind when I'm struggling to cut things I really like but know don't fit.


Terry, that's hilarious! I would be so mad to think of all the times she refused to eat perfectly good food, only to find her eating ice cream. At least she never tried that after you caught her!


I never "throw out" an idea... but sometimes they move from one book to another. And I also have a catch-all file for each book, called "Bits and Pieces." When something has to come out, it goes into Bits and Pieces. Not that I ever return to those files, but it's a comfort to know they are there (and they only use up a few electrons vs a stack of paper, so hey ;-) ).

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