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January 26, 2013


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camille minichino

You always dig up the best videos! The only problem is that I then start clicking on the others in the group, and before you know it, I'm behind a chapter . . .


HA! I know what you mean. YouTube is a black hole for attention and time... :-) Fun, though!


I am so lucky I do not know how to deal with YouTube! No! No! Don't tell me!

Mysti Berry

Ah--that breathing period, or as I call it, the "aha in the shower moments" :)

Great point Ann! Now I know how to avoid making embarassing mistakes like thinking HUAC but typing HVAC.

rita lakin

Funy funy siyns
who was it said, you can never grow broke underestimating the American people?

tee hee

Pat Morin

wonderful! And we all need to take that extra breath, or is it breathe, after rewrites?


Priscilla... Better you not go down the YouTube road. I can attest: there is no return! ;-)


This is such a wonderful blog, with talented and creative bloggers. Ann, your words do wonders for my procrastination. Guess I need to get it under control.


Hi Mysti!
HUAC and HVAC ... Ha!! Well, they both played important roles in the "Cold War," right?? (Sorry! I just... had to!)


Hi Rita!
Not sure, but I guess we generate our share of laffs, right? ;-)


Hi Pat!
Well, whether we take a deep breath or breathe deeply, the result is the same, and it's a moment well spent. :-)
I've often thought I should start a freelance business called ITS IT'S, with the tagline: If you don't know the difference, you need us!


Hello Doris!
Well, procrastination is the national disease, I think. And the Internet has not made it any easier to bring the problem under control.
I'm glad to hear that you enjoy The LadyKillers. We have fun too! And thanks for dropping by and commenting! :-)

Michael A. Black

Good observation about "breathing time" and some really funny signs. I'll bet the SHCOOL one really had someone red-faced.

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