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January 23, 2013


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Hi Terry!
Good to see you're facing one of the "second book" issues straight on... With the first, we have all the time we want to take, to polish, re-polish, submit to critiquers, sample readers, etc. But with books in a series, all the edit/rewrite activities (usually) must be done in a compressed timeframe. It's hard, but necessary, to develop an editor's eye for your own work. :-)

Pat Morin

It always pays to have sweetness in one of those hats, like chocolate! I think many of us are so critical of our work that we don't allow ourselves to exhale and step back. But I have learned a lot from my editor, more than any other group. I think that's why they are so important. Not only to help with different aspects of a piece (character, plot etc ...), and to cast an objective eye, but to teach.


Looking forward to your first published book, Terry! Love your insight that if you have to work too hard to keep something in, it probably needs to go. I've clung to this one guy digging holes in the desert forever, but he just doesn't fit...

Terry Shames

Mysti, that's a good way to look at it--working too hard to keep something in. Hard to give up those darlings.

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