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January 28, 2013


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Wow, Michael, don't know if I should thank you or not... My list of "must see" movies just expanded (yet again!). I don't believe I ever saw "Bullit." That'll be first up for my movie-night-at-home. :-)

Pat Morin

I had LA Confidential as my all time favorite crime flick, mainly because when the question was asked, it popped into my head first. Great list. I've seen all of them. You went way back, too! I saw "Bullit" in a drive-in theater. Remember them?

camille minichino

Glad to see HEAT, which, I believe, is the only movie where Pacino and De Niro actually are seen together.

And, like Ann, I'll be adding to my Netflix list.

Michael A. Black

Like I said, Ann, you have to see Bullit just to see McQueen deliver that eight letter, one word line just befor the climax. Pat, I do remember drive-in movies, but not too many of the movies that were playing. And Camille, the face-off between DeNiro and Pacino in Heat is one of my favorites. I think they made Righteous Kill together, too, but I didn't see that one. Thanks for your comments.


You named most of my favorites! I'd also suggest "Gun Crazy" (1951) and "The Grifters" (if you have a strong stomach for creepy family relationships. Oh, Point Blank, too...oh, there's too many!

Michael A. Black

Point Blank . . . One of my all-time favorite Lee Marvin flicks. He was a real man's man. Served in the Marine Corps in WW II and was wounded on one of the island invasions. I thought about him today when I gave a dollar to a homeless guy who had on a beat up old Marine cap.

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