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January 30, 2013


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Hello Donis, and welcome! Now I have another film to add to my "to see" list! It's funny how the overexposed Polaroid would take 12 hours. Nowadays, in TV shows, it takes all of 30 minutes or less. ;-)

Donis Casey

That's one thing about this film, Ann - it was cutting edge technology in the '80s, but the author would have to come up with an entirely different scenario these days.


No cell phones in the '80s either, right? How fast things change!

Barb Goffman

That was a good movie.


Have not seen the movie but the book is in the TBR pile. Great post, Donis, and it was good to see you and your husband in Scottsdale!

Terry Shames

Black Widow and House of Cards, both twisty! Loved this post because I enjoy putting an "extra" twist at the end of my books after the mystery is solved and you think you're going to move on.

camille minichino

So great to "see you" again, Donis!
I also love twists -- and I think it's time see No Way Out again!

Heidi M. Thomas

I love twisty endings too!

Donis Casey

It's amazing how recent cell phones are, considering how universal they are now, Ann. And Terry, now I have to look at Black Widow and House of Cards. I too love to end somewhere other than where one might think. It's hard to do,though.

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