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January 24, 2013


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Nothing more valuable than a great critique group! I'm between groups now.

I was always good at spotting repeated metaphors, even if separated by hundreds of pages. Also good at diction level, word choice, and sentence structure in dialog, and structure. Of other people's work. My own, not so much :)

Happy writing, Staci!


I'm in two different critique groups with two totally different approaches both of which are extremely valuable.

Now I'm trying to track down an affordable editor for similar reasons.


Mysti, spotting repeat metaphors or repeat anything is a really useful editing skill. I've seen readers complain about an author using the same turn of phrase or unusual word multiple times in a book. They do not like that at all.


Maddy, I'm always amazed at how the people in my critique group each bring unique but equally important perspectives and comments to our meetings.
Good luck with your editor search!

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