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January 16, 2013


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Carole, this is a comprehensive and well-thought-out list. I really can't think of anything to add. Great post!

Susan Shea

Welcome, Carole!


I like your list, Carole! I guess in addition to all this, "keeping it real" (for me) means marching along, getting things done on my to-do list, without getting sidetracked by the "virtual world" and/or sideswiped by anxious woulda-coulda-shoulda thoughts (which are not real, only panic-inducing).
Welcome to the LadyKillers! :-D

Erika Gardner

Love it, Carole! A lot of wisdom in your post!

For me means reminding myself of everything I have to be grateful for and that happiness is a choice.


Welcome, Carole! Your thoughts here rang a bell with me and I really appreciated your posting. Years ago, I decided to stop flying because I was so terrified of it. The decision taught me that we often do things because we assume we must. Not always true... Look forward to more postings from you!

Carole Price

Thanks to everyone for your response to my first post. I admit it took a bit of nudging to get me to commit to joining this impressive group. Why? Because I didn't think I could come up with fun and interesting ideas for the themes. Whoa, admitting that should be added to my list of "keeping it real."

Pat Morin

Great post, Carole! I'm a newbee, too, with some of the first-post gitters. :)Reading your piece made me reflect immediately on myself; I clicked down your list in my mind and pondered how that trait or statement related to me. Your post helped me "keep it real". Thanks.

Carole Price

Thanks for your comment, Pat. Did I tell you how much I love "Cold Pizza, Warm Beer?" Your poem is why I bough Crime Montage. Go 49ers!

Pat Morin

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the poem. Yes, go 49ers!

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