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February 08, 2013


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Pat Morin

This was so much fun to read (and informative with those "ations"). Can your Muse talk to my Muse? I'll supply the cookies and tea for your Muse, and coffee and donuts for mine.

Margaret Lucke

Thanks, Pat! We'll definitely have to get your Muse and mine together to enjoy inspiration and refreshments together.

camille minichino

At last I know why Peggy and Pat are much better writers than I am -- I vacuumed up my Muse years ago thinking it was a ball of dust. I'm going to check under my bed right now and see if there are descendants.

Margaret Lucke

Just set a plate of cookies on the floor by the bed, Camille. Your Muse's descendants will coming running out, I'm sure. :-)

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