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February 09, 2013


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Pat Morin

What helpful and humorous ways to reignite that creative spark! I glared at Tayya, my lab-mix, and yelled, "Scedaddle, thou pribbling rump-fed dogfish, or off to the tramp sock lover you go!" I was laughing by the end of the sentence so I'm not certain she got the whole profound meaning, however, her ears did perk up on. Don't think I'll try it on my husband, though. And I REALLY liked the plot generator about the hit man that sets up my protagonist to take the fall. I can see a short story in my future with that one! Gee, I feel more creative already!

camille minichino

It's hard to beat those curses, but here's my favorite plot generator -- more than 2000 prompt scenarios, like #526: noisy tenant can't be evicted; and #1399: new neighbor seems to have many friends sleep over.

2000 more at http://www.angelfire.com/nc/tcrpress/plotbank.html

Mysti Berry

What cool toys! Whether tech writing (the *other* fiction, sometimes!) or crime writing, it's amazing what comes out of my tired brain with a few kick starts. Thanks for the cool ideas!

I wonder how they seeded the plot genrator--they all sound like movie plots :)

Mysti Berry

oops, sorry for the creative spelling!!!!


Hello Pat!
Ha! I'll bet your pooch was a bit befuddled, being more used to "No, Tayya!" than being called a pribbling rump-fed dogfish." ;-) I found the scenario generator fun as well! In fact, I scribbled down a few things as a result of the prompt I posted here...


Hi Camille!
Wow! These are good prompts! And there are soooo many to choose from. Thanks for the link! :-)


Hi Mysti! Talk about creative spelling and typos, you should see what comes out of my iPhone when I'm texting in a rush. It's not pretty.
I think tech writing is VERY creative. Requires a lot of brain power to make it right. :-)

Michael A. Black

Great ideas on generating that creative spark. I wish I'd known about the Elizabethan Curse Generator when I was still working as a cop. Imagine going into an interrogation room and calling a suspect a "mewling shard-borne malt-worm!"

rita lakin

oy do I hafta get creative today? I still haven't had my coffee

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