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March 04, 2013


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Susan Shea

Okay, this stacking system is a little scary. I mean, earthquakes, anyone? The cat is clearly ready to jump, and could be buried in an avalanche. And there's an even bigger problem for your favorite reader: What if she realizes she has to read a particular book before she meets the author at Left Coast Crime, and the book is four from the bottom of a stack in the middle?! Seriously, I love and fear this photo because it's too possible for me!


Your favorite reader sounds like my kind of person, Mysti!
I have the urge to show this photo to my husband. It makes my overstuffed bookcase seem so tidy in comparison!

rita lakin

This is really your bedroom? Really? really?
What am I talking about? My stack is in the office and scattered about every room in the house.
Aren't readers/writers wonderful?

I love this photo!

Pat Morin

I want to hug your favorite readers and ask them to be my favorite readers, too. And I want to sit next to the ones in your head so I can listen and learn.
Now, as far as that picture--Mysti, we gotta talk ... the cat's filing a protest.

camille minichino

It's easy to get that 4th book from the bottom. You just get a tall person to lean against the stack above it while you pull it out. Ask me how I know.


Oh, not my bedroom! The bedroom of some brave soul who shared her TBR pile on the internet :)

Camille--I'll remember not to stack any books taller than my husband!


You said it perferctly, Mysti, but where did you get the photo of my bedroom, living room, alleged computer room...?

Mysti Berry

Priscilla, my office is a hazard zone because of stacks of paper--all those conference and class notes I can't bear to be rid of!

camille minichino

Hi Mysti, this is a comment test!

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