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March 26, 2013


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Mysti Berry

I would never have thought that inter-chapter narration from the *book club's* POV would work, but Karen Jay Fowler pulled it off in Jane Austen Book Club.

IMHO, you can do anything as long as the reward given the reader justifies any extra effort required--and if it supports the theme and premise of the story.

My favorite overpowering narrators always have flaws as outsized as their personalities. Can't wait to see what you come up with! After Dani #2, of course!

Michael A. Black

Susan, I've always enjoyed a first person story, but sometimes it is fun to jump into another character. Ann mentioned about the "close" third person POV, which is a kissing cousin to first person. Elmore Leonard is a master at this POV. Good luck.

Susan Shea

Mysti, I'll have to go back and sample that book. It must have been effective because it doesn't stand out in my memory as problematic. Thanks for the note.

Michael, I originally wrote ABSTRACT as a close third, but I wanted to be inside her head in a more intimate way. I have a shelf full of Elmore Leonard books that Tim loved, and you've inspired me to pull one out and add it to the Urgent-TBR shelf!

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