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March 13, 2013


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Michael A. Black

Hannah, congratulations on finishing out your series in the fashion you imagined. I think six books is the perfect number for a series, but don't rule out doing another one down the road. Good luck.

Tammy Bonar

Very sad that this world will be ending, but I am happy tho have "met" all of these characters and to have been included in their adventures. I also find comfort in the fact that I can step foot in the Underworld and revisit these characters anytime I want through my copies of the books. Thank you Hannah for creating such fleshed out and loveable characters.....I'm still convinced you have a hidden camera in my house and head since Sophie thinks just like me :) Good luck with writing the final chapter and all your new creations that I am excited to start reading.

Susan Shea

I'm betting the demand for that last book will soar...and will pick up new readers who circle back to the first one.

Pat morin

Your books could be someone's Anne of Green Gable.
As far as saying farewell to your characters, although it is difficult, you most certainly have thanked them for all that has followed because of them. :)

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