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March 07, 2013


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Terry Shames

Staci, I have a Kindle which I like very much for the very reason you mentioned--ease in traveling. But I still prefer printed books when I'm home. It's not always possible to get a print book when I need it quickly, so that's another time the Kindle comes in handy--one click, and I'm reading. So I'd say my experience mirrors what research is showing--that e-reading is leveling out and will probably not take over print as was feared at some point. I have a feeling they are going to coexist nicely. Time will tell.

Susan Shea

Staci, Maybe I should wait until the brain implant is available. For the first time, I'll have two books available for e-reading so I think I have to buy one, probably a Kindle. Steve Bezos' world-domination plan may make me nervous, but so far his company seems to make the best all-round e-reader.


Kindle seems to definitely be the leader in the battle of the e-readers, so there must be a reason so many people like it. And now that the Kindle Fire allows readers to surf the web and download apps, I suspect it'll be even more popular.

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