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June 08, 2013


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Hmmm. I don't have time to be bored these days. But if I do manage to find a little quiet time, I like to take a walk, wander to my favorite coffee stop (Peet's) with a book, and read for a while.
Those times don't happen often enough, though.

And I love how you wove all the week's posts together in a Saturday musing. Nicely done, Patricia! :-)

Pat morin

Thank you. In San Francisco, I sometimes see people reading at Peets. They, too, seem content in another world.

Mysti Berry

When I saw four and got bored, I took apart the family clock-radio. I put it back together, but had leftover bits. And the clock didn't work anymore.

Or another time, I put salt in my brother's buzzcut so he could pretend to have horrible dandruff. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

I miss boring afternoons, that sense that time would stretch on into infiniti BEFORE anyone got home to make us dinner. Even though it nearly always led to me and mischief :)

Pat morin

How funny! Love it. What initiative. :) Boredom really stirred those creative juices for you.

Carole Price

Nice how you brought the posts together. Different things bore different people. Love the cat at the keyboard.

Michael A. Black

Great post, Pat. It was so good even the cat would be intrigued.

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