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June 15, 2013


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Jean Henry Mead

Thanks for the invitation to visit here today, gals. I'm honored to be among such a creative group. I noticed that the topic of the week is humor and I think I failed to mention that I add humor to all my books, regardless of the theme, both fiction and nonfiction. It's an added element which makes reading more enjoyable.

Mysti Berry

I never knew that vigilantism had been used by the rich to manipulate the poor back then. Fascinating stuff! Thanks for joining us!!!!

Jean Henry Mead

Thank you, Mysti. My pleasure. I was intrigued by the story for many years, and had to get down on paper.


Hello Jean! Great post! And yet another sad example of how the "winners" write the history. I'm looking forward to reading your book and finding out more about Ellen aka Cattle Kate.

Susan Shea

Jean, welcome to LadyKillers and thanks for such an interesting story. The issues may be different, but the tale is the same today, with the powerful rolling over anyone or anything that stands in their way. and, as Ann says, controlling the "history'. Glad you've set it right in your new book.

Jean Henry Mead

Thanks, Ann. I agree that history has been written by the "winners," and needs to be rewritten when the true facts surface. I hope you enjoy the read.

Jean Henry Mead

My pleasure, Susan. The story haunted me for so long that I sometimes felt that Ellen Averell's spirit was helping me write the book. :) I wonder if other historical writers have ever felt that way.

Arletta Dawdy

I admire your stick-to-itness in tracking down this story over the years. Looking forward to a great read.


Jean, the book sounds fascinating. History is full of stories just waiting to be told in some form or other and I applaud you for taking on this sad, but true tale. Doris

Jean Henry Mead

Thanks, Doris. I enjoy writing historicals as well as mysteries because the plot is already laid out for me. And correcting history is a big plus. :)

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