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June 28, 2013


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Susan Shea

Wow, Peggy, what a wonderful and richly described tour - made me want to follow in your footsteps. China is a mass thanks for bringing some light and texture to it.of contradictions, ambitions, layered history, and stunning geography.

Susan Shea

I can't figure out if it's my sketchy typing skills, and over-eager corrections app, or what. I meant to write. "China is a mass of contradictions...Thanks for bringing some light and texture to it."

Pat morin

LOVED the tour. It was never a place on my travel list, but I'm changing my mind. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like Charlie, the awesome photographer, took them. Thanks for taking me away for a little while.

Margaret Lucke

It does seem that Typepad has been having fun garbling the comments on this blog lately. But you're right, Susan, and you expressed it beautifully: China is a mass of contradictions, ambitions, layered history, and stunning geography.

Thanks, Pat. Definitely put China on your travel list. It wasn't high on mine until this opportunity came along but I'm so glad we went.

Sharri Wolfgang

NOW I have a better idea of what you did for those couple of weeks! What a fascinating tour it must have been. How on earth did you winnow down all of Charlie's pictures to just 10?

Margaret Lucke

Typepad has been having fun scrambling our comments, Susan. But you're right, and you expressed it so well: China is indeed a mass of contradictions, ambitions, layered history, and stunning geography.

Pat, definitely add China to your travel list. It wasn't on mine, either until this trip came up, but I'm really glad I went. Now I want to go back.

Margaret Lucke

Thanks for stopping by, Sharri. Picking 10 photos out of the 2,300 that Charlie took wasn't easy. :) But these seemed to represent each place well.

Mysti Berry

So cool--did you have an official "tourist" guide, or are they letting people travel unescorted these days? Very cool!


What a wonderful adventure! With 1.3 billion people living in China the picture looked so calm and tranquil. Charlie is turly an amazing photographer.

Dayle Carter

what and incredible adventure. so happy you took the opportunity and took charlie to photo doc the trip. ya'll are always doing amazing trips. very inspiring.


Wow... what a journey-of-a-lifetime! :-) I'm curious as to what the weather was like. You say it was "relatively warm." Does that equate to "winter in the Bay Area" type of weather?
Lovely photos!


Those photos are absolutely stunning. What a fantastic trip!

Margaret Lucke

Thanks, all, for the kind words. And from Charlie, thanks for compliments on the photos.

Mysti, our friend Diana was our guide in Shenzhen. We booked the rest of our trip through a private tour company. We had no official escort, but a tourly outstanding guide, Vincent -- very knowledgeable, excellent English, a great companion. I recommend against traveling alone unless you know something of the language and culture.

The January weather was much like the Bay Area in winter. Some sun, some rain, some gray and mist. Highs between the mid-50s and 70. Much nicer than the frozen northern regions!

Dayle, you have an adventure of your own coming up! Enjoy!

Nicola Trwst

Great photos. Your post makes me want to go. We clearly see the contrast in the pictures. Have you used what you learned in the cooking class?

Bette Golden Lamb

What a wonderful mini tour of the places you went to. Charlie took wonderful pictures -- they gave me a sense of what this trip must have been like. And your very own guide. But it immediately makes me feel like having take-out:):)

Margaret Lucke

Thanks for enjoying my trip from a distance, Nicola and Bette. I have the recipes from the cooking class, but haven't tried them at home yet. The food we ate in China was fresh and delicious. The take-out we get here just isn't the same.

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