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June 27, 2013


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Pat morin

It's funny how much the brain works on a problem while the body is relaxing in the languid days in the sun. Sometimes I don't even bring a tablet. :)

Pat morin

It's funny how much work the brain still continues to do as you spend languid days in the sun. Sometimes I don't even bring a tablet.:) Great to spend that time with family!

Mysti Berry

Feeding your artist's brain, even if it means washing sticky children's hands in the fountain and finding where they sell the corn dogs! Love it!


Ah, I remember those days! I also remember the last family vacation we took in which I wasn't dragging around a paper manuscript and/or laptop with me. It was a loooong time ago.
I imagine the week-long trip gives your kids a chance to switch from "school mode" to "summer mode" as well! :-)


Pat, I've noticed that the harder I try to be creative, the worse the ideas are. Relaxing definitely helps the imagination get to work!


Mysti, corn dogs are a definite must to get the brain working!


Ann, so true! My oldest is still sad that school is out for the year, but all those rides and shows helped him forget for a little while.

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