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June 19, 2013


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Michael A. Black

Welcome, Jeanne. Good reflection about the name game when it comes to fiction. I remember the laughable names in literature like Young Goodman Brown with his wife, Hope. Of course, there's Kasper Gutman in The Maltese Falcon, who changed the spelling of his surname in the movie version. My problem is a tendency of repeating certain names way too often. People tell me I favor Jim, Phillip, and Al (although he's usually a bad guy).

Pat morin

Hello Jeanne. Thanks for posting with us! I never ever even gave names and country regulations a thought! Very interesting. Being a short story writer with fifty short stories completed, thirty-six published, finding names has become a mammoth task--although I do try to be somewhat symbolic in a few of the choices--especially in certain African names. In Kenya, certain tribes' names are the time the child was born, morning, afternoon, evening, or the weather on the day they were born.

Sal Gordon

Thought-provoking and fun -- as usual!

Carole Price

Welcome, Jeanne. Loved your take on the names and the rules in other countries. Never knew that existed. Always love learning something new. A fun read.

Pat morin

Hope this gets through. Thank you for visiting our blog and your post. I was surprised to hear that different countries had "name regulations"! Amazing. Being a short story writer with over thirty-six published stories, naming character has become a mammouth task. I do try to use symbolism with some of the names. In kenya, the Luo tribe use the time of day the child was born and/or the weather for the second name, and the personality of the child for the first. They have a naming ceremony two years after the child is born. So interesting.


Hi Jeanne!
Thank you for the guest post and lots of food for thought. My immediate thought: Someone really named their child BOOTS?? The mind boggles. Another danger in naming characters is falling into the trap of creating a whole slew of characters with names starting with "M" or with names ending with "y," etc.

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