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June 26, 2013


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Susan Shea

You are impressive and disciplined, and it has paid off with the new series. I'm too easily distracted unless there's a hard and fast deadline staring me in the face.

Terry Shames

If you could see me now you wouldn't think I was at all disciplined!

Pat morin

What an exciting life, Terry! I'm so glad you got another boat. I know how you loved the big boat, also. Africa should spawn a few book ideas ... those vacations sure do help produce work, and in such style. I think I'll change your names to Nick and Nora.

Mysti Berry

It's okay not to write when you're storing up raw material for your brain. Keep writing otherwise though :)


I can't imagine a better place to write! Great stories here.


I think that being a writer means never taking a "mental vacation." ;-) At least you get a change of scenery, and that can certainly kickstart the imagination! Have fun!

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