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June 10, 2013


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Pat morin

I love the video! It made me roar so loud that Larry came over to my work space and had to see it, too. It's so true how humor can take any heavy situation and make light of it. That's why I love Woody Allen. He has the talent to take life's experiences and create words that help us understand the deeper mening, and laugh. Many mystery writers have this talent, too. Woody Allen once said about looking down the road to death: "Why are our days numbered, and not, say, lettered?"


Great clip, Mysti! You make a good point that writers use various tricks to make the humor more palatable. Cracking jokes about the death of a guy no one liked is way better than mocking the murder of a nun who raised a dozen orphaned children while rescuing three-legged puppies in her spare time.

Margaret Lucke

Thank you for sharing the Chuckles clip, Mysti. Funny and so true.

Sympathy to you and your husband on the recent losses among your family and friends.

Mysti Berry

Thanks everyone, and sorry for the commenting hassles!

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