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July 15, 2013


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Good advice, Michael. I really need to spend more time thinking about one of the characters in the book I'm writing. I feel like I don't have a strong enough grasp on who she is.
And I had to laugh at your Jonathan Quayle Higgins reference. He certainly did have an exciting past, didn't he?

Susan Shea

All good, Michael. But here's what happens to me. I THINK Dani eats French toast but with guilt because she's on a diet, and then she surprises me by ordering yogurt with berries because she's gotten more self-discipline, and I go "Huh?" My characters keep changing in small ways, surprising, delighting, disappointing, or touching me at the oddest moments.

Pat morin

I loved The Seven Percent Solution and wondered that same question. I do a psycho-social on my characters, as well as ask them really personal questions as they start forming in my head.
Looking forward to reading Pope's Last Case.

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