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July 13, 2013


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Pat morin

Must be hard to write about time-sucking when you're conferencing and visiting your sister (hope she is doing well). Gives us the other end of the spectrum: non-time-sucking.

Samantha Gluck

Hi Ann...thanks so much for mentioning our Banishing Time Wasters post on FWD. I think people find success in avoiding time sucking activities or behaviors in different ways. Would be fun to see the creative ways other people get more done and stop wasting time.

Personally, I've begun using mind maps (I use iMindMap) to organize each day and for organizing and planning big projects. It's been a great success for me. I've only been using them about 4 months, but it's made such a big difference.


Hi Pat!
That's an excellent topic for a future post! :-) The whole week disappeared in a big blur and I'm still racing to catch up. Such is my fast-forward life these days...


Hello Samantha!
Thanks for dropping by the LadyKillers. :-) Hope you find it interesting enough to drop by again sometime. I'm catching up, and just scurried over to iTunes to read about iMindMap. Hmm. Interesting. And free. Well, heck, what's one more app on the iPhone, right? I'll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

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