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August 12, 2013


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Pat morin

Ha! I'm glad I walked through the haunted forrest. I really, really needed Cliff Notes for Paradise Lost by Milton, and hated Catcher in the Rye by good old JDS. I agree about the whodunnits and the whydunnits and throwing in some howdunnits. I do think many writers could be a bit more creative on the whydunnits, though. I like when the whydunnits include more than just love, revenge, envy, greed, or the like. Spy novels and Adventure novels sometimes do, and they have nifty howdunnits, too. Being paid to find a rare treasure, hmm, like in Clive Clussler's books. That's fun.

camille minichino

There's a new TV drama called MOTIVE -- at least I think it's new.
The set up in each episode is that you know the Victim and the Killer immediately, but you don't know the motive or how they're connected. The story unfolds as the cops figure out the motive/connection. Interesting. Not sure what EO would say!

Mysti Berry

My husband and I have had great fun trying to guess who and why dunnit with AMC's The Killing--more red herrings than anyone else in that show!!!!

We both had the "why" right, but still had the wrong "who" (it was a third possibility we'd discarded early on).

Fun times. Poor E.O. probably didn't have a lot of fun :)


Camille, I've watched a few episodes of Motive as well. It's definitely an interesting concept to separate the whodunit from the whydunit. The show writers do a good job of masking the real motive until the last possible minute.

Michael A. Black

Gucci, Gucci, Gucci... I guess we need to reimplement the spam controls. Ah well, I appreciate the real comments. I started watching that Motive show the other night but stopped after they froze the screen and told me who the killer was. Of course, I never enjoyed watching Columbo, either.


Oh no! Talk about the haunted forest... this is the haunted blogsite! I will banish Gucci from the comments.
I must admit that, in 90% of my mystery reading, once I get about 50 pages into the book I flip to the back to see whodunit and why. Then I decide whether I want to read the rest! :-) All that said, I do like movies and TV shows to wind out in such a way that keep me guessing...

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