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September 11, 2013


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Mysti Berry

The first time someone read my story just because it was printed, not because they knew me, I was thrilled. This miracle never ceases to amaze me!

Many a screenwriter has literally lost her sanity trying to catch the zeitgeist in a bottle. And many a producer has lost her job because, as William Goldman famously said, "Nobody knows anything." With publishing, I think it's more that the various parties involved aren't sharing the information they do have.

Readers are tenacious, though, and they do have ways of finding the voices and stories that they love.

Susan Shea

Oh darn, Terry, I was hoping you'd have the answers to all those questions! Or the email address of the person who does. ;-)

Pat morin

So well said, Terry! I've spoken to some authors and they thinks tours are for the birds, way too expensive, time consuming, and down right boring at times, and others feel it is "the way to go". Yikes, after all the stories I've heard, all I can say to all the points is YES.

Terry Shames

Pat, I'm just getting back to you about your comment. Luckily, my book tour took me to places I would go anyway. It was tiring, but in the long run I feel like it was rewarding to connect with booksellers and potential readers. Going to one bookstore got me invited to the Tucson Book Festival.

I'm actually planning more bookstore touring for the next book. But it means not only expense, but putting yourself out there socially. It's not fore everyone. I think each person has to decide her own level of comfort with whatever she decides to do as a marketing strategy.

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