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October 21, 2013


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When I write my first drafts, I have a tendency to make my main character act more like Lara Croft than Jessica Fletcher whenever she gets in a fight. Throughout the rest of the book, she's just a regular person with average strength, but when she gets to the final battle, she suddenly has the skills of a ninja! Fortunately, my writing group is quick to point out when things start getting unbelievable and helps me create more realistic fight scenes.

camille minichino

Exactly why I don't write fight scenes -- I leave them to the experts, like you! I usually have my heroine do something like pull the rug from under the bad guy, or close her eyes and throw something (not any more, however, since you've pointed out that bones will go before chair rungs). Definitely the hardest scene to write is that final confrontation. Thanks for the tips.


"Nobody wins a fight." If only we could remember this when that old urge to throw a punch kicks in! Thanks Mike!!!!


Excellent fighting advice, Mike. I remember watching The Three Stooges when I was a kid: people poking each other in the eyes, pulling hair, conks on the head. I and my siblings thought the whole thing was hilarious, but my mother was horrified.
Being much older now (who knows about wiser), I don't think I'd find the slapstick violence as funny as I did then...

Michael A. Black

Thanks for the comments, ladies. Staci, it sounds like your heroine rises to the occasion at the climax, which is the sign of a true hero. Camille, looks like typepad failed to pull the rug out from under your comment this time. Mysti, I totally agree. Fighting is the first resort of the ignorant. And Ann, I'm not a fan of any type of comedy that involves hurting someone else either. There's nothing funny about it. That's why I refused to go see that one movie where a well known comedian threw a punch at an adversary and hit a little baby instead. I've got a knuckle-sandwich ready for whomever came up with that "funny idea."

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