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November 22, 2013


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Terry Shames

Wow, I have always admired you two, but admire you even more after reading this. Mystery, sci-fi, thriller, clay, medical themes, roses, and on and on. I love the way you collaborate, with the person with the idea writing the first draft, and then the other one going through it. A wonderful collaboration.

Carole Price

Ah,how sweet you look. Any time I see you, which isn't often enough, you always have a smile on your face. Collaboration obviously works for you. I'm curious. Does JJ help with Bette's clay projects? I don't see crashing and burning in your future! I look forward to reading Bone Pit.

Bette Golden Lamb

Thanks, Terry for the kind words about the nutty collaborators:)

Bette Golden Lamb

Hi Carole. JJ is always the first to view whatever I create in clay He is always an inspiration.
I hope you do enjoy Bone Pit.

Margaret Lucke

Thank you for visiting The LadyKillers, Bette and J.J.! Here's my recipe for world peace: everyone follows the example you two set for how to work and live together with success and harmony.

Bette Golden Lamb

Peggy, thank you for inviting us!
Bette & J. J.

Jenny Carless

Bette and J.J., I really enjoyed this post.

It's interesting to read about how you accomplish something most writers probably can't even imagine pulling off. I've read all three of the Gina books and love the fruits of your collaboration!

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