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November 18, 2013


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Terry Shames

Michael, with this post I now know that you've been an evil genius since you were a kid! I was such a wimpy child, I would have had a heart attack in your basement.

I agree about choosing your collaborator wisely. My one attempt at writing collaboration ended in disaster for reasons that still baffle me.


Wow... you are the ultimate collaborator, Michael! Collaborative brainstorming I can do at the drop of a hat, and the edit/critique thing. But collaborative writing, as in switching chapters? Dunno. I've never tried it, but it sounds difficult...

Mysti Berry

The only collaboration I've done so far is with my husband. We once sketched out the whole "spine" of a screenplay during the long drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but we never finished it.

However, I've been the lucky recipient of so much help, advice, review, critique, and salon-talk by other writers, it feels like my skills are the result of collaboration, not just sit-and-write effort.

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