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November 28, 2013


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Terry Shames

Staci, enjoy your brisket, and your "after" turkey. We always go to a huge Thanksgiving day celebration with old friends, but it means no leftover turkey. So usually on the weekend after Thanksgiving, I cook a turkey. It tastes even better!

Mysti Berry

Happy Thanksgiving, Staci! One year, just to change things up, we had Thanksgiving dinner at a hotel in San Francisco. it was fun to do something different, and it kind of made us appreciate the traditional route the next year. So here's hoping your brisket is tender and nothing but the coals in the BBQ catch fire!!!!

Now we're off to Sacramento, leaving sweet, empty, quiet San Francisco behind. Because that's how much I love my family, I'm willing to leave SF for them :)


Terry, I was talking to one of my friends, and she is also cooking a turkey over the weekend after she visits her in-laws, since she won't have any leftovers to eat. I guess we all love our turkey!


Mysti, you definitely love your family! I hope you have a smooth drive and a wonderful holiday!


Don't know why the turkey took front and center of the table either, although there were lots of them if the current flocks here are any indication! One fact about them is fun: Ben Franklin wanted them to be named our national bird instead of the Eagle. They are clever and very bright even if not the "noblest" looking bird. And persistent if anyone has ever seen a flock chasing a car on the road!

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