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November 04, 2013


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Is the reference to Hitler as an "house painter" intentional? One of his (many) smoldering hatreds stemmed from his father's refusal to allow training as an artist and rejection by the The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Mysti Berry

I remember when Ed McBain (!) was dropped by his publisher. He recovered, of course. But good for us to remember that even the best writers get caught off guard by shifts in the market or industry.

Terry Shames

Michael, you gavea good capsule history of wide-ranging change that seems to be accelerating. As one who has always embraced change, I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the possibilities that our new, techie world presents. I keep telling myself I need to ramp up my knowledge of Twitter and Pinterest, and then I read some hot new author talking about some kind of social media I never heard of. I'm curious to see where all this is going to lead--if I live that long!

Michael A. Black

I'm certainly no fan of Adolph, Liz. I know he was a failed artist. It was also my understanding that during the time he lived in Vienna he painted houses for a living. I think ir's a common pathology for a bigot or hater to blame another race or group for his own failings. And Mysti, Ed McBain got dropped by his publisher? I don't feel so bad now. I met him years ago and he impressed me as a true gentleman. I really liked his books. Trivia question: Can anybody tell me his real name?

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