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January 14, 2014


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Hello Catherine!
So true that hard work (and planning) is part of success... and then, there's always the wild card of serendipity (or coincidence) that can flip outcomes one way or another.
Thanks so much for being our guest author for today and for a thought-provoking post!

Catherine Dilts

Thank you Ann, for allowing me to guest on LadyKillers.

Susan J. Tweit

Thanks for this post and congratulations on the publication of Stone Cold, Dead, Catherine! It's great to know that your hard work and vision paid off, and that you have serendipity in your favor with the Prospectors series too. Isn't it interesting that we accept coincidence in life, but we question it in fiction? That's something for me to think about as I finish my second memoir and ponder my long-time aim of writing mystery. Good luck with the book!


... And it's a good point that one needs to be persistent. The door of opportunity seldom opens right away, but when it does, one must be ready! :-)
Catharine and Susan: Wishing you the best with your books projects--those completed and those yet-to-come! :-)

Mary E. Trimble

I enjoyed this blog. I agree--you have to be careful in fiction. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction. What might really happen can sometimes be absurd in fiction, with people rolling their eyes. Thanks for the insights.


Great advice about pursuing your dreams! You never know when a chance encounter or an unexpected event will lead to just the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Catherine Dilts

Yes Susan, I do find it funny how critical we can be of fictional coincidence. I think the key is how skillful we are as writers in making them fit the story. Good luck wito your writing!

Catherine Dilts

Mary, I had a creative writing instructor years ago who told us it didn't matter if it happened in real life. The reader has to believe it can happen.

Catherine Dilts

Hi Staci- you have to pursue your dreams believing opportunity will open up at the right time.

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