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February 18, 2014


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Alyx Morgan

I agree, Priscilla. My protagonist - a sixteen year-old girl - usually goes for burgers or pizza when out with her best friend, but when she dines with her grandmother, whose raised her since she was ten, they go out for sushi. It shows the specialness of the moment, while also providing me the opportunity to show that my heroine is awkward in "fancier" situations.

Terry Shames

I love the idea of a "gentler" Prioress, who knows that goodliness and godliness are not mutually exclusive.


Hurrah for those special moments! And, yes, Terry, she does!

Mysti Berry

Too right, Priscilla. The lack of food in my stories does hint at different aspects of the main character.

And I had the same reaction to SF as you--so many restaurants, so little time!


Delightful and nostalgic. When I was young eating not an experience as it is now.

Mary McKinley

Absolutely agree! Food makes the character and puts him/her into a proper context that allows the reader to imagine the look and the smell of the place.

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