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February 25, 2014


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Colleen Casey

I believe it was Aristole who once said, "Courage is the first of all human qualities, because it is the qualities that guarantees all others." Although the romantic in us might prefer to think that love is the most important quality, there is no doubt that courage to take calculated risk is what makes life worthwhile... the courage to risk loving someone who might not love you back... the courage to risk everything to start a new business venture that may fail... the courage to risk taking a volunteer position in a unfamiliar country that might increase the quality of life for an entire community...Thanks, Ann, for spurring us to think about what kinds of risks we might take today that will enrich our lives, the lives of those we love and the lives of those in the global community

Andrea Downing

I was recently watching the 'Great Americans' series from the History channel and the summation was that what separated those Greats from the rest of us was the amount of--you guessed it no doubt--risk they were willing to take. Vanderbilt, Morgan, Rockefeller, Frick and so on didn't reach their lofty attainments without repeatedly taking risks. Now, we're not all going to be billionaires nor are those sort of financial achievements of interest to us but it does make the point (I hope) that to get anywhere in life a certain amount of risk is going to be involved. Even if it's as simple as sitting...

Denise Barney

There are big risks, like being a police officer, in the military, or a first responder. Then there are the common risks we've all taken whenever we've opened up and allowed ourselves to trust another person: a friend, a spouse, a family member, a mentor.

Parents take a big risk when they decided to have children. They may grow up, move away, have families of their own, but you never stop worrying about them!

Arletta Dawdy

Every writer takes risks when putting words on paper and taking them to a relative, friend, beta reader, critique group, editor and then, to thrust those words out into the great unknown.
Arletta Dawdy


In some ways, any change at all is a risk. We all risk everything by continuing to learn, grow, and evolve. We risk missing our lives if we don't allow change.

Michael A. Black

Yeah, Ann, I agree. Life itself is a risk and if you don't take a chance sometime, you'll always wonder if you should have.


Hello Colleen--
Wonderful comment! You should come guest blog for us sometime, you have a lovely way with words. Yes, I agree, "courage" is a quality that, when employed, makes life worth living. :-)


Absolutely right, Andrea! As proof, here I sit...
Not ask risky as "winner take all," but still...


Hello Denise!
Amen to that. I think the "risk" of having children is never fully understood or appreciated until they are here. I remember my dad would worry about me even when I was 50 and he was 83! It never ends...


Hi Arletta!
Very true. It's a bit like stepping off a cliff (metaphorically speaking) when sending our efforts out for consideration and comment by others. An important part of the process...


Hi Kim,
Yep yep. My personal inclination is to say "Noooo!" when change looms on the horizon. Some folks are natural risk-takers and embrace change. Others (such as moi) need a push -- internally or externally generated -- to get going. One of those life lessons: How to "do it anyway."


Hi Michael!
Yeah, the road not taken. Why can't we take all roads at once? Wouldn't that be nice. ...


Risks are part of life. Some are much more heavy duty than others and life is filled with worry so why not.


HI Ann - I like your "interesting quote." About sitting: life does seem to involve and even require so much sitting - during work, transportation, meals, entertaining ourselves via reading or being entertained, theatre, concerts, TV, movies, and in other ways. Too much. Maybe the best we can do about all of that sitting is take frequent breaks to get up and about. Back to your quote, my preference is for wins given the consequences that accompany some acquisitions of wisdoms. :-)


Hi Anne!
Yes, life is full of risk, so it makes sense to try and relax and be sensible about it. I'm a first-class worrier, so that's probably a risk in itself!


Hi Bill!
It's true... most of modern life involves sitting, it seems. So, I suppose we just have to employ common sense and do what we can.
Acquiring wisdom can certainly be painful, true enough!

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